Youth Council

Youth Council is a year-long leadership development internship. Youth Councilors hone personal and professional skills through attending workshops, planning events, representing Enterprise at events, and serving as a youth voice to the staff and board of Enterprise. Youth Councilors are invited to participate after becoming part of the Enterprise program.

2022-2023 Youth CouncilĀ 

Youth Council has been revamped! 2022-2023 Youth Councilors will focus on representing Enterprise at events and at their schools. They may be invited to speak at a fundraiser or Board meeting, and they will share Enterprise opportunities through different means of outreach at their schools. Participants are paid minimum wage, which will end up being around $1,300.


October 5, 2022 to May 3, 2023


Attend a monthly two-hour group meeting and at least one special event. Youth Councilors are invited and expected to participate in a paid summer internship in summer 2023.

– Victoria Mattsson, Youth Councilor, 2021-22

I gained confidence in my public speaking and networking capabilities.

Requirements for Youth Councilors
  • Must have completed at least one program at Enterprise for Youth. Members who have completed an internship are preferred.
  • Must be available for Wednesday evening meetings (See signup for more details).
  • Must be available to attend at least five events during the year (see signup for more details).
  • Must be self-motivated, a team player, and excited to try new things.